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Explore Swapnil Kankute’s impressive certifications and qualifications in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Discover the expertise that powers growth and success.

Google Analytics

Google Ads Display Certification

Fundamental Digital Marketing Certificate - Swapnil Kankute

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

AI in Digital Marketing- Swapnil Kankute

AI in Digital Marketing

Advanced Cyber Security - Threats and Governance Swapnil_Kankute20230318-63-1r3nv2z

Advanced Cyber Security - Threats and Governance

Performance Management Swapnil_Kankute

Performance Management

SEO Certified Swapnil Kankute By HubSpot

SEO Certification

Digital Marketing Certified - Swapnil Kankute By HubSpot

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing Swapnil_Kankute20230114-64-s21ada

Search Engine Marketing

Sales Funnel Swapnil_Kankute20230114-64-d1d5wi

Sales Funnel

Introduction to Deep Learning Swapnil_Kankute20230114-64-nc7tv7

Introduction to Deep Learning

Inbound Marketing Certified Swapnil Kankute

Inbound Marketing

Growth- Driven Design Certified Swapnil Kankute

Growth-Driven Design

Email Marketing Certified Swapnil Kankute

Email Marketing

Content Marketing Certified Swapnil Kankute

Content Marketing

Building a Brand Strategy Swapnil_Kankute20230114-64-13a2plo

Building a Brand Strategy

Social Media Management Swapnil_Kankute20230114-64-z7ywc5

Social Media Management

Personality Development Course Swapnil_Kankute20230114-64-1arc4x4

Personality Development Course

Network Security Swapnil_Kankute20230113-64-vytthd

Network Security

Building Recommendation Systems Swapnil_Kankute20230112-64-1fig4r9

Building Recommendation Systems

Digital Transformation Swapnil_Kankute20230112-64-4aal6p

Entrepreneurial Management

Entrepreneurial Management Swapnil_Kankute20230112-64-1naw85w

Sales Funnel

Marketing Strategic Framework Swapnil_Kankute20221029-63-16tt5qy

Marketing Strategic Framework

Brand Management Swapnil_Kankute20221029-63-1madbt0

Brand Management

IPL Digital Marketing Swapnil_Kankute20221029-63-1d3nriu

IPL Digital Marketing

Google Search Campaign Swapnil_Kankute20221029-63-1cxwi2f

Google Search Campaign

4Ps of Marketing Mix Swapnil_Kankute20221029-64-6szgny

SEO Strategies

SEO Strategies Swapnil_Kankute20221016-25602-1do3vkb

Building Recommendation Systems

LinkedIn Marketing Swapnil_Kankute20221013-21777-1oqxkng

LinkedIn Marketing

Google Analytics Swapnil_Kankute20221013-21777-96sfux

Google Analytics

Influencer MarketingSwapnil_Kankute20221013-20198-1qkl7ul

Influencer Marketing

Facebook Business Manager Swapnil_Kankute20221013-20375-p3mc65

Facebook Business Manager

Google Display Campaign Swapnil_Kankute20220929-30209-orwl3d

Google Display Campaign

Digital Marketing Strategy Swapnil_Kankute20220927-4668-1bf3b0c

Digital Marketing Strategy

Internet Marketing Swapnil_Kankute20220806-31301-443w2g

Internet Marketing

SEO Toolkit Swapnil Kankute

SEO Toolkit

Digital Advertising Certified

Digital Advertising Certified

Video Marketing

Intro to Graphic Design with Photoshop Swapnil Kankute Certificates

Marketing Analytics

Digital Marketing Framework Swapnil_Kankute20220926-4668-mvlnzq

Digital Marketing Framework

Internet Marketing


SEO Solutions

Social Media Solutions

Landing Page Solutions

Digital Advertising Solutions


SEO Consultant

Social Media Consultant

Web Design Consultant

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Digital Marketing



Content Marketing

Social Media

Landing Page

Web Design


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Certified digital marketer with a decade of experience. Specializing in delivering profit-driving solutions through strategic digital marketing techniques. 


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